Below is a list of solar, utility-scale PPAs in the United States, each of which has been made publicly available at various times previously.

  1. 2014SAPC Solar PPA (version 1.1).  We’ve described key terms of this PPA here. Generally a pro-solar company, pro-lender PPA, the SAPC Solar PPA is an attempt at defining a standardized commercial solar template that would facilitate liquidity in the solar PPA market.  The SAPC Solar PPA represents the latest evolution in the publicly available solar PPA market.
  2. 2012CREST PPA with SCE.  The CREST program targeted projects under 1.5 MWand offered a .  SCE issued a nCoronus Solar, under SCE’s CREST program, entered into a number of PPAs, some of which were filed with the SEC.
  3. 2011Annotated SurePath Solar PPA from Tioga Energy.  Originally released in 2011 as an “open-source” PPA, the Tioga PPA was one of the first utility scale commercial PPAs made publicly available. Tioga was eventually purchased by sPower – which did not repost the Tioga PPA.
  4. 2009Form PPA included in tender issued by Southern California Edison (SCE). In 2009, SCE launched a tender for 250 MW of PV to be provided by IPPs. Eligible projects needed to be at least 1 to 2 MW, be located in SCE’s service territory and have a cost of generation not to exceed $260/MWh. Key terms of the PPA included a 20 year term and a development deposit of $20/kW.

For international solar PPAs, a good reference point is the renewable energy page of the Public-Private-Partnership in Infrastructure Resource Center.

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